Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Gene Roddenberry Tribute Page.

Star Trek's Creator - Photo published in TV Guide 2001
         CELEBRATING A LIFE                
This year ( 2016 ) we celebrate Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, and we @ The History of Star Trek on Consumer Home Video decided that we couldn't continue on without 1st  looking back @ The Great Bird of the Galaxy himself and at least produce some type of tribute page.     
 After all, we wouldn't have all those VHS , Betamax tapes, and DVD's
 ( not to mention those Laserdisc)
 if it weren't for Trek's Creator himself,
 Gene Roddenberry.

Yes- we know that it certainly takes more than just one man to create a show like that of Star Trek.
 But we feel that it's only fitting that you should get to read
 the words of those who both knew and worked with him.
What follows comes from Industry Insider Publications.
Most of them where printed at the time of Gene's passing in 1991.

Many of these articles have not been seen since. Until Now.
No  "copyright infringement" is intended here,
 Credit is given.

The intent here, since another quarter of a century has past since Gene's death -
is to finally give everyone the chance to finally read these words -
    ... and what good words they are.
           We hope you enjoy.
                                                                From the Files of:

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